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News 2009 - 2010



20. november 2010

International show in Reykjavik

The show was this weekend and my dogs did great:)) Louis von Shinbashi von the open class with BOB, and received his first CAC and CACIB!! Practical Hero Almost Invincible tok BOS, CACIB and received her final CAC, so she is now an icelandic champion!! Puppy from me, "Angelina Joile" took: Best puppy 2 !!










5. september 2010

I went to pick up my new boy "De La Mahafu´s Mr Indiandream". What a beautiful boy, with such a beautifully shaped head. Few pictures here:

Thanks very much to you, Martha, for giving me this sweet little "boy".

"Mr Indiandream´s" Pedigree:











28. august 2010 

International show in Reykjavik

Practical Hero Almost Invincible took the BOB in this show, and she took also CAC and CACIB. BF-2, RCACIB: Practical Hero Butterfly Bride. Practical Hero Coconut Captain: Exc.1, Louis von Shinbashi: Exc.2




21. july 2010

New boy will join us in september. "De La Mahafu´s Mr Indiandream". Huge thanks to his breeder: "Martha Furulund". Im so much looking forward to have this sweet little boy here with us See pictures here.

Indiandream´s pedigree: 

8. july 2010 Great news: Finally I got the results from PLL, DNA test on Alanis who lives now in France, she is clear/normal. ALL my litters are PLL clear by default!!


6. june 2010, Show in Reykjavik:

Practical Hero Coconut Captain (Tofri): Exc. CAC, BOB, BIG-4, Practical Hero Butterfly Bride (Hera): Exc. CAC, BOS, Oriental Jokes D´Evanescence (Paris): Exc. BF-2, Louis von Shinbashi (Feykir): Exc. BM-2, Practical Hero Charm In Silence (Pokus): Exc. BM-3, Practical Hero Almost Invicible (Gydja): VG

On that same day I took 9 of my dogs to CREF eye-testing and all of them were clear/normal!!!  What a happy day!!!!






28. mai. 2010

12. Mars: Finally, I  got the PLL test-results, on Galdur (Rus Crimson Empaer Irwin) and Paris (Oriental Jokes D´Evanescence), and both are clear!!!!   Im just trilled!!








28. february 2010

International Show in Reykjavik:

"Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk": CACIB, BOB,"Practical Hero Coconut Captain": CAC, BM-2,"Practical Hero Almost Invincible": CAC,CACIB, BOS,"Oriental Jokes D´Evanescence":BF-2, RCAC, RCACIB,"Rus Crimson Empaer Irwin": EXC. BM-3  What a super show-day!!!








February 2010

I just got the PLL test - results, (Primary Lens Luxation), on Bling (Brella), Nepo (Hrekkur), and Louis (Feykir). Bling and Nepo are PLL clear!! That makes my "B" and"C" litters clear by default. Louis is a carrier, thats sad, so he will then only be mated to "clear" girls.  I still have few more dogs to test, will do it in time, before they will be mated.









4. October 2009

International show in Reykjavik. What a great day, "Hrekkur" (Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk) received his first CACIB and "Paris"(Oriental Jokes D´Evanescence) received her first CAC and BOS. "Pokus" (Practical Hero Charm In Silence) and "Tofri "(Practical Hero Coconut Captain): "Best puppy" and "Best puppy 2" and both received price of honor. I could not ask for more!!See what the judge said about them: HrekkurParís, Pokus, Tofri.                            






22.- 23. august. 2009

Show in Reykjavik  HRFI 40 years!       Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk (Hrekkur) did great at the show, he received his final CAC, so he is now a icelandic - champion! Oriental Jokes "D'Evanescence" (Paris) and Konishiki "A Star is Born" (Tjasa) were at their first shows. They each did fine, but Tjasa need to develop and Paris need some more ringtraining.
Here is what the judges said about them:
Tjása og París 








15. july. 2009.

New "girl" has now joined us. "Oriental Jokes D´Evanescence" (Paris). Thanks to Eva in "Oriental Jokes" for this beauty!

Paris pedigree







28. june 2009

Show in Reykjavik:

Oriental Jokes Alanis did so great at the show today, she received her final CAC, so she is now a icelandic champion!! She will now return to her old home in France!









28. february 2009.    

International show in Reykjavik

"Practical Hero After Eight" vas a hero this day, he won BIS"best puppy in show 6-9 months"!!  Thanks to Kiddŭ for showing him so well!  His sister "Practical Hero Almost Invincible" got BOS in puppy class. Zucci Bling Bling won her first CAC and CACIB!!!  This was a realy good day!!









27. februar 2009

New beautiful "girl" has now joined my family, thank you Heidi, Im so lucky to have her, she has the lines  I have been looking for. Hope to be able to give you one "naked girl" soon from one of my litters. And thanks to Linda, for breeding her, such a socialised puppygirl!!!