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About me


    The first time I saw a chinese crested I was not impressed, they seemed ugly and weird to me. I did not know that in a few years I would love them. I think that most of the time when people dont like the looks of crested, it is because they are not used to naked dogs.

   I started with chihuahua, and I love my little ,,girl" Ronja. Once, at the veterinarian, I saw a lovely young woman with her crested dogs (Sida, who was the first one, who has importet a crested to Iceland, as far as I know)  and this time, I found them magnificent !! I felt as they were very special and had an artistic look. I started gathering information about this breed, and realized that they do not only look fabulous but they also have a wonderful character.

   My interest grew, and finally I decided to get at least one or two crested, to start a breeding of these wonderful dogs. I understood my big responsibility, the breed of these dogs being as small as it is in Iceland, therefore I had to find great dogs to start my breeding.

   It has been a lot of work, looking for the ,,best" dog. It took long time to find my first beautiful crested ,,boy". Thanks to Alexandra in kennel ,,Rus Crimson Empaer" for my first great little boy. And for helping me searching for his first future ,,girlfriend"! And thanks to all the kind breeders who have helped me and those who trusted me for their beautiful puppies.