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An unwritten agreement was made between me and Beatrice Picard, that she would be a handler for my dog, which would include showing him around, and I would reward her by sharing with her potential stud-payments.

If she fulfilled her part of the agreement, we would become co-owners of this dog.


I sent the dog to her from Iceland to Sweden, paying for Rabis vaccine, blood test, shipping costs and even the taxation at the airport, with no costs whatsoever falling on her. On my behalf the cost was a total of 6000 NOK.


Soon she started sending me letters, stating that I should forget about any stud-payments, and that this dog was meant from the beginning to be only hers.

She made it very obvious that she was not going to honor our agreement.

I replied to her letters, reminding her that we had a deal, to which she answered only in an offending and childish way. I reach the conclusion that talking with her would not yield any results.  After consulting many of my friends who are involved with dogs and dog breeding, I saw that my only possibility was to go from my home in Norway (were I am a temporary resident) to Sweden to simply get my dog. I met Beatrice there, and told her that the dog would have to stay with me until we settle our disagreement.

After I had got the dog back, I asked Beatrice
 to find someone else to speak on her behalf. My husband would speak on my behalf. I had not given up trying to solve this tedious case in a way favorable for both parties. We exchanged a few e-mails through our spokesmen, in those e-mails she states that she cares deeply for the dog and desires to have it back.  In email, the 5. february, I offered to buy her out of the agreement for 6000 NOK so I would reclaim all the official papers regarding the dog.  As she had already gotten to know and care for the dog, I also offered her to simply buy it from me for the relatively meager price of 6000 NOK, plus refunding me the tax costs I had already paid regarding this case.

Since my last letter, many weeks ago, I have not yet received a reply from her.

I have given her an honest and a fair offer, which she has not answered.

It is my impression that she is indeed not interested in solving this case in any way except me simply giving her the dog back without any effort on her behalf. Such a solution would obviously be very unusual and absolutely disregards the fact that the dog was and is mine, and that I paid every part of the expenses to move it between Iceland and Sweden.

If two parties disagree so strongly that they cannot communicate, the only solution I see is that the original and lawful owner overtakes the dog. The party that can or will not pay for the dog can hardly make any claims of ownership.


Since Beatrice Picard was obviously not going to honor our agreement, and has not answered my honest and fair offer, she no longer have any claims to the dog.  She has not had to pay anything for the dog, neither a price for it nor costs related to its transit from Iceland to Sweden.  No formal written contract was signed, so she does not have any papers to indicate her ownership of the dog.



An unwritten agreement was made between me and Beatrice Picard, that she would be a handler for my dog, which would include showing him around,