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M-Ligans Hades


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25.mai '13 Open Bo Skalin
VG Nice temperament. Should have a little longer + more elegant head. Correct neck. A little big in size. A little wide in front. Correct tail, moves well. Correct coat. Very sound dog.
24.feb '13 Open Ann Ingram EXC.-2. A little heavy type. Head a little strong in scull and could have more length in muzzle. Nice expr. Good reach of neck. Good body + topline. Strong hindquarters. Very nice movements.

17.juni ´12

Lillehammer Norway


Frode Jevne (Norway)


Powerful masculine male of excellent type and wholeness. Powerful head with beautiful eyes and well placed ears. Excellent neck and topline.Well placed tail. Well developed body for age. Excellent  musculed..Beautiful well-groomed coat. Wonderful temperament. Well shown.




Thank you so much Kiddı!!!!


UPuppy class, 4-6 months Lillehammer, Norway

UPS!!! I saw somthing very interesting there!!


UPuppy class, 4-6 months, Lillehammer Norway