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 Shipping + export pedigree, included in the price of the puppies

Shipping to many cities  in europe and few in usa, will  be with no cost from the buyer!!

Free shipping to europe:

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussel, Liege, London Heathrow, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsingi, Oslo, Stockholm, Glasgow, Manchester, Zurich,(Berlin & Prague)

Free shipping to europe only from mai. - sept:

Billund, Bergen, Trondheim, Genf, Stavanger (april-nov), St. Petersburg, Goteburg,  Munchen, Milano, Madrid,  Barcelona, Hamburg, Anchorage.

Free shipping to USA & Canada:

New York, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Halifax, Minneapolis (mai-october),Toronto, Washington, Edmonton (mars-october), Denver Colorado, (mars-october), Vancouver (mai-october), Orlando (sept.-june.)


Shipping to other cities is ofcause possible!! But the cost is not included in the puppy price, perhaps half of the shipping price, if any of the cities listed above are stop sites!!

 Price of the puppies (shipping and exportpedigree included):

 HL bitch = 1800 euros

HL male = 1500 euros

PP bitch = 1500 euros

PP male = 1300 euros




All my dogs are PRA prcd tested, PLL tested, regulary eye cerf tested and patella checked.

 Every puppy will leave vaccinated, dewormed, microhipped and veterinary inspected, registered in HRFI (Icelandic kennel club registered in FCI )