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News - 2006 - 2008


28. sept. 2008

International show in Reykjavik : Nepo and Alanis did great at the show today!! Alanis got her second CAC and her second CACIB, and BOS!! Nepo was to young to get CACIB, but he won Alanis and got BOB and his second CAC!!





21-23. august 2008

Sascha Kober came to visit Iceland and we had a great time together

see here the pictures









29. june 2008

Show in Reykjavik: Nepo in his first show did so great !! The judge loved him and gave him BOB and CAC !!

See the judge comments:



1. mars 2008

International Show in Reykjavík

Alanis did so great in the show today!  I am so proud of her, she got her first CAC and CACIB !!!!







8 - 17. October 2007


We visited the breeder Sascha Kober in "Taijan Dreamer"especially to look at his beautiful little boy,"Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk", who is now 3 months old. Little Nepomuk will join our family next year, 2008. He is a really good looking boy, like a "dream come true", with such a great muscular body and a true hairless, but with socks like a puff. Thank you very much Sascha, I am so happy to get this wonderful "boy". And thank you for your care for me and my husband, in your house, while we were in Köln !










8 - 17. October 2007 

HUND & PFERD in Dortmund

On the trip to Paris we took a flight to Köln in Germany to visit the breeder Sascha Kober in "Taijan Dreamer". He took us to the great dog-show in Germany: " HUND & PFERD"  in Dortmund. There were ca. 10.000 dogs in this big show.









8 - 17. October 2007   PARIS

Me and my husband took a trip to Paris to pick up our new "girl" Alanis. Im very happy with her, she is just like I hoped and exactly the girl I was looking for. Thanks again Eva !!!








May 2007

Me and my husband went to England to pick up my beautiful little "girl", Zucci Bling Bling, Im very happy about her and belive she will have a great future in the showring. Thank you so much Nicky for this excellent girl! She is from the known kennel : Zucci, who has been breeding crested dogs in many years with very good results.

Blings pedigree








Desember 2006     

Rus Crimson Empaer Irwin, finallly at his new home, my beautiful little crested who came to me all the way from Russia. He is my first crested dog and I have great hopes for him in the showring.

Me, my husband, and my youngest daughter went to Moscow in november ´06 to take him home with us.

He is from the kennel:"Rus Crimson Empaer", thank you so much Alexandra for this lovely little boy!           

Irwins pedigree